Thursday, June 17, 2010

Would I Stay at Dorm.No Again? NO!

Location is usually one of my criteria for selecting both hotels and hostels. While in Bergen, Norway I stayed at Dorm.No. At the outset the hostel did not sit well with me.

The directions given by the hostel were incomprehensible. Dorm.No's directions did not get me in the vicinity. Anytime I receive directions asking the user to, for example, leave the train station and go right, I look at maps. How can the author of directions know which exit the user will take? Sure enough the directions were not sufficient. A map surely helped me find Dorm.No.

Once I checked in at the bar of an adjacent hotel I entered my room. Mistake! At 11:30pm the room was cramped with people and did not have air conditioning or even a window for ventilation. The showers and bathrooms were substandard even for hostels. After a very long day in Copenhagen, a metro ride, a plane flight, a bus ride, and a hike to find the hostel, I immediately left Dorm.No in search of fresh air to stop sweating!

My journey around Bergen that night was interesting. I saw the sun sit at the horizon for an hour and then the sky dimmed in luminescence and never actually got dark! Amazing!

So do I recommend Bergen's Dorm.No? NO! Although this hostel was in a good location, you should go elsewhere, your money will be well spent!

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