Sunday, June 6, 2010

EuroTrip 2010 - A New Adventure

As your eyes flutter across the screen, I am flying through American or European airspace en route to rendezvous with a fabulous friend and travel buddy. At 53 days, this adventure is the longest of my life! The Google map above illustrates my circuitous route that will begin in a few short hours as I disembark the Airbus in København (Copenhagen), Denmark.

This European excursion will have three distinct legs: traveling with my buddy, touring with my wife, and exploring solo. My wife's enthusiasm and knowledge always make our trips exciting and she inspires me to learn about the artwork and history of the places we visit. My friend's willingness to try anything and "get lost" in cities with me make our travels spontaneous and memorable. I have touched foot on foreign soil numerous times, but never alone. I look forward to venturing out unaccompanied as I will gain new insight into myself.

Please visit back for travel updates, stories, and suggestions regarding international travel photography. In you have any suggestions for me to photograph in Europe, destinations that I must see, or anything else, please email me. In the meantime, I am speeding towards the first destination on my itinerary.

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. Bergen, Norway
  3. Oslo, Norway
  4. Stockholm, Sweden
  5. Helsinki, Finland
  6. Tallinn, Estonia
  7. Riga, Latvia
  8. Vilnius, Lithuania
  9. Venice, Italy
  10. Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
  11. Delft, The Netherlands
  12. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  13. Berlin, Germany
  14. London, England, United Kingdom
  15. Paris, France
  16. Brussels, Belgium
  17. Antwerp, Belgium
  18. Kinderdijk, The Netherlands
  19. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Ago vita vos somnium (live the life you dream)

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