Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Carlsberg Brewery Tour

Today is my last day in Denmark. The sights and people have all been enjoyable. Copenhagen is a great city that I am sure I will visit again years from now.

Currently I am at the Carlsberg Brewery in Copenhagen. The brewery's stone architecture is magnificent and the grounds are nicely planted. Although the Carlsberg Brewery is not the most well-known destination in Copenhagen, this is an excellent final tour before flying to Norway. Touring the brewery really brought home the importance of beer to Denmark.

The brewing guilds and later independantly owned private brewers had an enormous impact on the economic health of Denmark. Some brewers, like Carlsberg, offered pensions and health care to employees. I noticed Stars of David all over the city (on churches, manhole covers, & mosaics on floors) and was curious as to why. Today I learned that the Stars of David are actually the symbol of brewers. The sheer number of the symbols also points to the great influence of brewing on Denmark.

I am not a fan of beer, but I can appreciate it's historical impact and the methods of production. As I write this I am enjoying a great vintage of Coca Cola in the lively Carlsberg visitor center with a table full of Russian tourists. This was a great experience!

Off to explore the stormy city and bring home some interesting photographs to share with you.

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