Saturday, May 1, 2010

Shanghai: Glass vs. Brick (Canon S90)

Now that the Shanghai World Expo 2010 started yesterday, April 30th, I feel it is appropriate to share my view of Shanghai. The Chinese government put on a superb fireworks display and opening ceremony that rivaled its own Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. On my recent visit to Shanghai I strolled the waterfront across the Huangpu River from the financial district. I feel that walking the city gave me an excellent understanding of where Shanghai has been and what its future holds. Shanghai is a city filled with juxtapositions. One of the best examples is that modern steel-framed skyscrapers were built with the aid of bamboo scaffolding! Countless construction sites were being topped, graded, or demolished as I walked Shanghai well into the evening. New York City is a 24 hour metropolis, and Shanghai is working feverishly to catch up. I even witnessed shift changes after the sun had set. The sheer number of workers that poured out of and then flowed back into the building sites was astonishing. The image above, exposed with my Canon S90 on its first international trip, shows the remnants of a demolished brick building with a contemporary steel and glass-clad edifice as the background. One can see that the motto "out with the old, and in with the new" holds true in Shanghai. This is not to say all historic areas and old buildings are always replaced, in fact, I found the opposite to be true. I explored many older neighborhoods. Exploring Shanghai both by motor-coach and on foot proved fruitful to fully gather the weight of changes currently taking place in Shanghai, China. For more images from this trip to China with my Canon S90, please click here.

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