Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Castle in the Clouds - Hotel Del Coronado

Southern California has diverse scenery that present photographic opportunities around each corner. In March I headed down to Coronado, California for some San Diego photography in the sun, only it was a gloomy afternoon. After I parked my car and explored the main street in Coronado, I headed over to the wide sandy beach fronting the Hotel Del Coronado. Looking out to Point Loma and the setting sun was a little generic for the day. I pointed my camera in the direction of the Hotel Del Coronado, and after a few minutes of experimenting, I determined how best to take a new look at Hotel Del. Above, the Victorian style Hotel Del Coronado looks like a castle perched in the clouds. This image was taken below a thicket of ice plants to create the illusion of a floating castle. The sun was falling in the sky as I exposed this image. The warm rays of the San Diego sun gently licked The Del’s façade and washed the clouds with light orange hues. Ago vita vos somnium (live the life you dream) May 25, 2010

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