Sunday, May 23, 2010

California Spires

Today I launched this new and more user-friendly blog, Content will be posted both to this blog and my Travelogue. The challenge of marrying my two websites together was a fun exercise; hopefully this new photography blog will better serve you, the reader. From movies to advertisements, the palm tree is synonymous with Southern California culture. However, when I look at the image above, I think that the sky is the limit. We all have immense potential and we must take each opportunity to better our world and ourselves. For me, this image is hopeful with the trees creating a staircase to the heavens. I photographed this grove of palm trees in North Park, a community north of Downtown San Diego. The day was hot and the sun was bright. I stepped into the shade cast by an enormous palm tree. When I looked up, this picture came to me. Ago vita vos somnium (live the life you dream)

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