Sunday, April 18, 2010

Venetian Algae Swirl

Venice is a wonderful place to visit. Most people gawk at the ornately adorned buildings that are precariously perched at the water's edge. Some enjoy exploring the canals and walkways that dissect Venetian neighborhoods. Others are enthralled with the bustling marketplaces. Nearly all people visiting Venice have one thing in common, they look up a majority of the time and neglect to appreciate the water that makes Venice's "streets" so romantic. This image captures one of the often overlooked necessities, steps into the lagoon. Without such steps, disembarking from watercraft would be difficult, if not impossible. I exposed this photograph along the Grand Canal as the sun set on a day filled with memories. I was drawn to these algae-covered stairs that were in front of an empty building. The beautiful green algae intermixing with the lagoon's turquoise tides is fixed in my mind. So much of the lagoon's waterfront is heavily trafficked in the tourist areas, but getting outside of one's comfort zone is the best recipe for interesting compositions.

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