Friday, April 16, 2010

Snow-capped Quinault

Last week I experienced the brilliance of the Pacific Northwest. As my plane started to descend on approach into Sea-Tac, bright stripes of illuminated rain danced by the windows at 150 mph. Sure enough, the precipitation continued while en route to the hotel. Seattle, Washington is known for its gloomy weather and rain. However, this often gives Seattle a bad rap and in fact, the storms beautify Seattle with lush foliage and a variety of outdoor activities. I could not have planned a better time to visit Seattle and the surrounding National Parks! The rain provided excellent opportunities for dramatic clouds at sunset for the first few days and then the storm deteriorated. As the time neared to head west to the Pacific Ocean, a torrential downpour dowsed my hope for nice weather while exploring the Olympic National Park. Did the persistent rain wane? Oh yes! This panoramic image highlights the beautiful snow-capped mountains surrounding Lake Quinault.

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