Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chinese Locksmith No. 55

From the ship's dock I could see a fabulous iron bridge that called out to be photographed. I told myself that I would capture an interesting image of the bridge, but on my venture across Shanghai's waterfront I came across a more interesting subject, a locksmith. Something about this storefront held, and still holds, my attention. The vibrant red door, keys hanging in the window, green address panel, folded window bars, and tiny lock used to keep the lower door panel closed brought so much character to the facade. The usual sights are important for visitors to check off the list, but often times other important sights are lost in the shadows of tourist attractions. In my experience, these lost sights usually exude more character and tell a different story than most tourists "hear." Next time you are in a foreign land, or a city in your own backyard, remember there is more to an area than the local hotspot. Reach outside of your comfort zone and explore; you might surprise yourself!

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