Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bon Voyage Venice

Our European adventure was phenomenal! This image, a frame fit for the ending of a slideshow, was among the first that I exposed. After seeing numerous waterways, islands, and beautifully adorned edifices, this silhouetted sailboat sunset holds fast in my memory. The "sail away" gathering on the ship's upper deck was the perfect way to say goodbye to Venice. Of all the cameras I could have captured this image with, I used a Nikon S550. Not just any S550, but my wife's specially ordered metallic purple-bodied Nikon that screamed masculinity! The photons were enhanced by precariously positioning the compact to shoot through my sunglasses' lens. The amber sunset, purple camera, and photographing through a makeshift sunglass filter all amounted to a pleasing composition and joyful memory.

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