Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gateway Cliffs

Thick humid air fogged up the lens as our ship ventured through the straits of Ha Long Bay. The image above was captured as we passed through a natural gate with sheer cliffs on either side. This landscape was extraordinary for a foreigner. Imagine the difficulties of living on the waterline of the cliffs. Notice the structures in the bottom left of this photograph. Numerous businesses operate throughout the bay, including a bank. It is easy to take necessities, and luxuries, for granted in the United States. Groceries are simple to obtain at the store, fresh water connections are in most homes, and electricity is plentiful. Most people give little thought to the supply chain and logistics of the services we consume. However, the supply chain on Ha Long Bay must be intricate for goods unobtainable from the sea beneath. I cannot imagine the complexities of procuring every foodstuff, generating electricity, and living without plumbing. This is one of many reasons why I feel extremely lucky!

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