Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stormy Falls

The drive north from Southern California was flawless. The skies were clear, the traffic light, and the perfect mix was playing on the stereo. With so many books and magazine articles highlighting Big Sur and McWay Falls at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, it was hard to imagine that the scenery would live up to the hype in my mind's eye. As we approached the Monterey Bay, looming clouds overtook an otherwise bright sky. A sinking disappointment set in as I realized blue skies would not grace the images I would later produce. However, the clouds did add the right element to many static images. Hiking through the burnt forests of Big Sur presented numerous opportunities. With waterproof boots strapped on, the rain-soaked landscape was exciting to venture into. On occasion we came across fallen gigantic redwoods that were charred on the exterior. The outer centimeter of these immense organisms was burnt, but under the charred flesh the trees were intact. Amazing! McWay Falls, pictured above, is a great sight to see. I arrived in the late morning to "ascending rain." The water droplets ascended the bluff from the ground upwards. The cove surrounding McWay Falls redirected the wind and precipitation up into my camera lens. I packed up and went back later in the day. Perfect! The clouds were right as the sunlight filtered through the western clouds, illuminating the flowing falls.

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