Saturday, November 7, 2009

Roof Detail

The western-setting sun slowly lowered on the horizon gently casting slight shadows and warmth upon this roof detail. The simple wood roof detail is inspiring in its paint color and pattern. Simplicity is often a virtue in this complex world. Hopefully architects will revitalize old architectural styles and merge them with new building practices. Today, much of the commercial design is relatively simple, but interestingly lacks detail. Sure glass exteriors with metal accents can be beautiful, but that type of building facade appears to have become the norm. It seems that for high-rise buildings design is more of an afterthought to the engineering elements focused on constructing one of the tallest buildings. The engineering in extremely tall buildings is to be applauded, but what if architects harked back to a time when individuality reigned supreme; when the tallest was sought, but not at the expense of constructing a beautifully unique and masterpiece? Would our skylines and neighborhoods look vastly different? Would construction methods change? These thoughts come to mind when admiring both the architecture of decades past and the contemporary construction projects currently underway.

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