Monday, October 12, 2009

Purple Potato Macro (Canon S90)

The macro function on the Canon S90 works pretty well. The camera focuses extremely close at the widest focal length, but once the lens is zoomed at all, a longer working distance is required. The Canon S90 has an option for the center of the screen to be magnified. Once AF-Point Zoom is is activated the focusing area is magnified, thus assisting in achieving sharp macro shots! Just like all the other great Canon compacts, the S90's macro function is activated by pressing a dedicated button inside the back scroll-wheel. Overall, the Canon S90 handles beautifully. The camera is perfect for my needs; just small enough for a pocket and enough resolving power as well. (This image was captured at a whopping 6.0mm, at f/2.5 with an ISO of 80.)

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